Jakabaring Sport City (JSC)

South Sumatera Governor Alex Noerdin spoke at Stadia and Arena AP on Thursday September 14 2017.

Alex Noerdin spoke about the development progress of Jakabaring Sport City (JSC) in Palembang, South Sumatera, Indonesia which is a key host venue of the Asian Games 2018 and the location for the current planning and construction of a prestigious MOTO GP Circuit.

The JSC complex is the first Sports City in Indonesia, stands on a 360 Ha of Provincial Government estate in which it not only plays the role as a major sports, education, and entertainment complex, but also as the water catchment area for Jakabaring district in Palembang with its artificial lake of 48 Ha. It was built by South Sumatera Provincial Government and developed with a far-sighted vision as the first international sports city in Southeast Asia, with the intention to become a major national sports tourism destination. It has already been the venue for previous successful multi-event sporting events including Sea Games XXVI in 2011, The Islamic Solidarity Games (ISG) III in 2013 and The Asean University Games (AUG) in 2014.

Governor Noerdin was accompanied by a delegation of key executives from Jakabaring Sport City, including the President Director Mrs. Esti Adnan and senior officials from the Ministry Of Public Works and Housing.

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