2017 Exhibitor List

HG Sports Turf



HG Sports Turf is a global leader in the design and construction of elite, natural, synthetic and reinforced turf sports fields. Across Asia Pacific and the Middle East, our turf systems have staged some of the world's most prestigious sporting events.

With current market demands for 'Hybrid Grass Systems', HG Sports Turf is well positioned to offer a range of bespoke options and a full turnkey solution to meet any client's requirements. Constantly looking to innovate and committed to offering the very latest technology, HG Sports Turf partners with local and international companies to supply the most innovative and technologically advanced solutions in the market.

With a 20 year history in designing, constructing, installing and maintaining our proprietary turf systems at leading stadia around the world, HG Sports Turf is proud to have been associated with the following iconic sporting events:

• 2000 Olympic Games (Sydney, Australia)
• 2003 Rugby World Cup (Australia)
• 2006 Commonwealth Games (Melbourne, Australia)
• 2006 Doha Asian Games (Qatar)
• 2011 Rugby World Cup (New Zealand)
• 2015 Asian Football Cup (Australia)
• 2015 Cricket World Cup (Australia)
• 2015 South East Asian Games SEA (Singapore)