JSA unveils plans to turn sports into a growth Industry

24 May, 2017

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The Japan Sports Agency last August launched a public-private council to promote stadium and arena reforms.

It set out guidelines last November to ensure that new stadia and arenas serve a core role in community development.

The JSA outlined four areas and 14 requirements as considerations local governments and other stakeholders should make in the initial stages of a stadium or arena development project, from vision conception to facility operation.

This year, the JSA aims to continue work on the utilisation of private funds, public-private partnerships, and other themes and compile the related materials into a reform guidebook.

Sports managers council

To support the development and supply of the managerial talent which will drive the expansion of the sports industry, last October the JSA launched a sports managers council.

The move is aimed at gaining field-based insights into specialist areas such as sports marketing, and also to attract experienced business talent from other industries.

Efforts are growing in this area. One example is the expansion of an existing initiative, the J League Human Capital (JHC) programme from Japan’s Professional Football League, into an all-sports initiative called the Sports Human Capital (SHC) programme, which began recruiting last November.

To support development of a deep pool of talented sports managers, the JSA hopes to combine the strengths of universities, sports leagues, private businesses, governmental agencies, and other stakeholders.

Fiscal 2017 budget

To promote the transformation of sports into a growth industry in the fiscal 2017 budget, the JSA included in the national budget proposal a budget for supporting local communities with professional teams—B League teams, for example—in realising their plans to construct new or renovate existing venues by holding public-private councils.

In the area of sports manager development, the JSA included a budget for expanding and promoting participation in training programmes conducted jointly by sports organisations, universities, and other bodies.

The JSA also has plans for a market research support programme that will strengthen ties between the sports industry and other industries with which it has relevant synergies, such as tourism, food, and IT.

Credit: Japan Society of Sports Industry