Plans advance for Japanese NCAA

24 May, 2017

Tags: All Japan Sports Agency (JSA) NCAA

The meetings are being held as part of the university sports revitalisation plans as outlined in the Japan Revitalisation Strategy 2016.

In last summer’s interim summary, the JSA proposed addressing the issue by establishing an office in each university organisation that oversees sports management and communicates directly with the university president.

This year the JSA moved the discussion forward and in March compiled a report on what an intercollegiate and intersport organisation, or Japanese-version NCAA, might look like.

In the report, the JSA listed the various roles the Japanese NCAA would take on, including cultivating student athletes, enhancing the student athletics environment and partnering with society, local communities, and businesses.

In light of the report, in fiscal 2017 the JSA plans to establish a public-private-academic council composed primarily of universities and student-athlete associations from various sports.

The council will be tasked with developing a specific programme design for the Japanese NCAA based on knowledge and support gathered widely from within Japan and abroad.

The JSA will also solicit proposals for new initiatives universities are working with their sports offices to implement, and use these to produce examples of best practices.

Credit: Japan Society of Sports Industry