Hiromi Kawamura

Public Relations Secretary, The Organizing Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games

As of August 2017, Hiromi Kawamura is the newly appointed PR Secretary at the Tokyo 2020 since she joined in 2014. She is in charge of the PR for Tokyo Games and also led the priority projects in supporting with President and Director General of Tokyo 2020.
Prior to the position, she has experienced the job in IOC in domain with Olympic Torch Relay, Olympic Education, Cultural Olympiad and other engagement programs from 2015 to 2017.

She joined Tokyo 2020 organizing committee after 16 years experience as the government official. She started her job in Tokyo 2020 as the senior director for education and culture program. She had the responsibility to develop the Olympic and Paralympic education and culture program for Tokyo 2020. Lately, Tokyo 2020 launch the nationwide participation program including the Olympic and Paralympic Education and Culture program.

Hiromi was with Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) where she established and led the national program of the global human resources development in the Elementary and Secondary Education Bureau as the inspector. In this role, she launched the scholarship program for students studying oversea and its campaign under the collaboration with private and public sectors. Also she led the Global High School Program where the high school students can experience the global leadership program in the school curriculum.
Both programs are recognized the signature programs as for the global education programs.

Hiromi holds degrees in Human Science (Osaka University, Japan) and Master of International and Public Affairs (Columbia University, USA).