Hiroshi Hase

 Research Commission for the Establishment of a Sports Oriented / Member of the House of Representatives



M. P. Career
Member of the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP)
Member of the House of Representatives (Ishikawa Pref. 1st District)
(Elected member of the House of Representatives six times,
member of the House of Councilors once)

After entering Seiryo High School, Minister Hase started amateur wrestling. He won the National Sports Festival championship during his last year in high school. At Senshu University, he majored in Japanese literature, acquiring a teacher’s license, and also served as captain of the wrestling team. After graduation from Senshu University in March 1984, he taught Japanese at Seiryo High School, his alma mater.

In 1984, he competed in the 90kg division of the Greco-Roman wrestling event at the Olympic Games in Los Angeles. From that experience, Minister Hase realized that he wanted to be involved in sports not only to win but to move and inspire people. As a result, he joined the Japan Professional Wrestling Association led by Choshuriki and became a wrestler in 1985. Thereafter, he was quite active as a main wrestler of the New Japan Professional Wrestling Association and also as a coach for young wrestlers and a liaison between the wrestlers and the association. Beyond the ring, Minister Hase utilized his articulate speaking style and fine writing style to develop and communicate his own theories on literature, sports, life, and education on television, radio, magazines, and so on. He is a member of the Nihon Bungaku Fudo Gakkai.

In July 1995, Minister Hase presented his unique career to voters and ran in the 17th ordinary House of Councilors election from Ishikawa Prefecture as a candidate recommended by the Liberal Democratic Party and won his first race for elected office after a hard-fought campaign with the incumbent. He later officially became a member of the Liberal Democratic Party.