Igawa Yoshihiro

Board of Education, Culture and Sports, Tokamachi City

In charge of division for sports promotion in Tokamachi City’s Board of education, culture and sports (Niigata prefecture)
-Born in year 1958
-1981: Graduated from Japan Sport Science University
-1982: Employment in Tokamachi City Hall
-1984: General Gymnasium
-1986: Japan Athletics Type 2 authorized track and field stadium,
-2001: ATEMA multipurpose Ground (Croatia Pitch),
-2009: FIS International Ski Federation Official Yoshida Cross Country Stadium,
-2012: Japan-Croatia Friendship House, along with construction of other sport facilities.

1998: Nagano Winter Olympic Cross Country Competition Officer.

2007–2009: For third year in the row in charge of executive committee for organisation of the National skiing competition (All Japan Ski Championships, National high school competition, National Sports Festival)

2002: FIFA Japan-Korea World Cup in 2002. In charge of security, transportation, Tokamachi Camp promotion, acceptance of Croatian National Team and camp activities. I was in charge of camp attracting activities and their acceptance. The bond that was made between Tokamachi and Croatia at that time is growing stronger and deeper every day for last 15 years.