Digitising Masterclass

Masterclass in Digitising your Venue Operations for Greater Security

WeTrack lead an interactive session discussing the digitisation of venues and stadia. This takes on increased importance with COVID-19, Martyn’s Law and a greater focus on venue safety and security. These two factors necessitate a re-standardisation and re-training in the industry – how can venues adapt? WeTrack explore how using software can generate greater efficiency and accountability – and encourage the audience to share their learnings, good and bad, in digitising aspects of their venue management. This masterclass will include content on: 

  • The ‘new normal’ (ugh) of COVID-19 and Martyn’s Law, and how that impacts stadium security 
  • The importance of digitisation and a shift from being reactive to being proactive 
  • Key benefits of digitisation: efficiency, security and accountability 
  • A case study on digitisation from industry professionals 
  • An opportunity for attendees to discuss their ‘digitisation journeys’ and learn from each other 
  • An introduction to WeTrack’s operations software of venue checks, run sheets and incident management 

Eric Solem, Commercial Director at WeTrack: “Going digital is an overused term the but the reality is that many venues rely on analog processes like radios, WhatsApp groups and spreadsheets during operations. This will have to change as accountability and certifications become the new SOPs.”




Only a limited number of spaces remain to attend this Masterclass (entrance is free of charge to both Stadia & Arena and Esports Venue Summit attendees) so if you are interested in attending, please email s.wibrew@hgluk.com.