Rita Ochoa

Senior Associate AFL Architects

Speaker Sessions

Wednesday 4th May 2022

Session 5: Projects in Focus - innovative Stadia projects from a design perspective

Part 1 – Sam Wright, Director – WilkinsonEyre

Lord’s Marylebone Cricket Club – from Masterplan to Delivery of the Compton & Edrich Stands

Sam is the architect responsible for delivering the Compton & Edrich Stands at Lord’s, which were brought into use during the 2021 Season. He explains how the stands were designed as part of the fulfilment of a long term masterplan for Lord’s on which WilkinsonEyre have been working for five years and how long term strategic thinking and a focus on adaptability are key components of the firm’s approach to stadium and arena design.


Part 2 – AFL’s approach to innovative stadium and arena design

AFL Architects Senior Associates Marcel Ridyard and Rita Ochoa introduce AFL’s approach to innovative stadium and arena design, and case study several recent projects that evidence how AFL’s expertise in this space has helped clients operating at a community level to the highest profile global stage successfully realise new possibilities.


Part 3 - A new headline act for the South West

Once home to aviation icon the Concorde, the legendary Brabazon Hangars will be retrofitted into YTL Arena Bristol, the South West’s first indoor arena and entertainment complex. Andrew Billingham, CEO of YTL Arena Bristol, will be sharing a project update on the new 17,000 capacity venue.

: 16:00-16:55
Marcel Ridyard Ewan Prentice