Katja Bernert

Project Application Management Textile Architecture Mehler Texnologies

Speaker Sessions

Thursday 5th May 2022

Session 10: The evolution of Stadia Design and Construction

Part 1 – Plastic Fantastic - Fabrics in Stadia Construction with Katja Bernert, Project Application Management Textile Architecture, Mehler Texnologies

Katja will present the latest developments in the evolution and usage of fabric applications such as meshes in Stadia projects, including an in-depth look at their application within the roof of the new Bernabeu Stadium in Madrid. Their contribution to more sustainable projects will also be reviewed, including the options to have façade applications with fabrics that consist of 100% upcycled PET bottles, such as Mehler Texnologies “TF 400 Eco F” which was recently awarded the “Product of the year” in the AMA Awards for Sustainability in Tensile Architecture.


Part 2 – Climate and Culture in Sustainable Stadium and Arena Design with Jon-Scott Kholi, Architect Director, BPD Pattern

BDP Pattern is the sports and entertainment division of BDP, an international practice of architects, designers, engineers and urbanists. Our approach to sustainability is founded on our ethos to create designs that achieve a balance between the man-made environment and the natural world.

In this session, BDP Pattern director Jon-Scott Kohli presents the studio’s approach to passive sustainable design in stadia and arenas. With careful consideration of climate and culture, the studio generates robust architectural concepts that inherently minimise material and energy use while maximising match-day atmosphere and spectator experience.

Parametric design is the core process that realises those concepts and the delivery of optimised structures for efficiency in fabrication and construction. Working with integrated interdisciplinary teams of architects, urban designers, technologists and engineers, we deliver spectacular sports buildings using rational building systems that drive sustainability performance.

: 14:45–15:25
Tom Lynch Rebecca Edwards-Symmons